Helen Elaine Lee

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Water Marked

"Lee... writes luminous, unself-conscious prose. Reading Water Marked, you are struck by the dire story, but even more by the beauty with which Lee pencils in the details of the characters' lives."
--The New York Times Book Review

"In her new novel, Helen Elaine Lee blurs the boundaries between prose and poetry, life and art."
--Anita Desai

"Water Marked is an engrossing novel in which the search for one truth leads to the disclosure of many."
--The San Diego Union Tribune

Selected Works

"To read The Serpent's Gift is to experience rebirth."
--Walter Mosley
"An ambitious saga, written with the skill of someone born to the art of storytelling."
--Paule Marshall
"A novel of great ambition and achievement. . . about the power and the pain of memory, about the stumbling, staccato rhythms of family, about finding a way to go home again."
--Valerie Boyd, The Washington Post
Short Story
This story (quick link on the left) is part of the novel, "Life Without," about the lives of 10 characters who are incarcerated in two neighboring prisons, serving various sentences for a range of offenses.